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Good real estate agents don’t just SELL real estate; they also know how to LIST real estate. They know how to describe the property in attractive terms, and how to convey the basic facts about the property with accuracy!

North Carolina Real Estate Commission Bulletin 2015-V45-3
The Commission regularly receives inquiries and complaints about the measuring of square footage in properties listed or being listed for sale. Accuracy in measuring is critical because the amount of space in a structure has a bearing on value and functionality and is a material fact. Thus, the task of assessing square footage should be one of the most important in the process of market evaluation.

“I am the listing agent. Am I required to report the square footage? The Commission doesn’t require it, but if you decide to report the square footage, it must be correct. To avoid problems, obtain the correct square footage yourself or obtain the services of a licensed appraiser.

“If I do not measure the property myself, must I get an appraiser to do it? No, but appraisers are generally a very good source because they are typically trained and experienced in measuring. The Commission will normally allow a broker to rely on a licensed appraiser’s current measurement as long as that reliance is reasonable and there is no red flag to alert the broker to a problem.”

During my forty year appraisal career, I have accurately measured, sketched, and described thousands of residential and commercial buildings. I follow measurement protocols in the NC Real Estate Commission’s Residential Square Footage Guidelines.

Why would a real estate agent trust anyone else to provide measurement and area calculation services?

Because I hold NC Broker’s license 17934.  My license is at equal risk for a measurement or calculation error … and my professional appraisal software eliminates calculation error (and always provides detailed documentation of the calculations it performed).

Our basic product is a sketch (diagram) of the perimeter walls for the building’s BASE area together with all pages showing area calculations. Optionally, you may order a floor-by-floor interior sketch showing room layout.

What is the cost for our service?  Our minimum fee is $75.00 – which will provide both our basic product and our optional room layout for a one story, 1,800 square foot structure of average design.  Our fees are based upon the heated area with additional compensation for multiple floors, custom design, and unusual circumstances such as blocked perimeter walls (e.g. overgrown landscaping, locked fences, et cetera).

We appreciate every opportunity to be At Your Service (LLC)!

Listing Specialists report that my optional interior diagrams help reduce DOM (Days on Market) and may help increase the selling price. How?

  1. Potential buyers appreciate this “carry away detail”.
  2. Taken with them, such diagrams may trigger specific memories of your listing.
  3. Such diagrams enable interested buyers to better imagine using the space.

As you know, the more a “tire kicker” imagines, the closer they are to a serious offer!

And, while we are on-site we will provide listing photographs for a reasonable price.

Call or e-mail me to begin our mutually beneficial, long term working relationship!